15mm Panhard-Schneider-Kegresse

Here's another 15mm resin and white metal model from Battlefront, a French Panhard-Schneider-Kegresse half-track. It was designed in the 1930s and saw service in the Battle of France.

I've painted it in one of the four-colour disruptive patterns the French developed during WW1. They were still around by WW2, though three or two colour patterns were more common by then. I've no idea whether these half-tracks were ever painted in the four-colour scheme, but I like it, so this one has been.

This particular vehicle looks to me as though it belongs in a Warty-Kay Ork army rather than a real army. I know the rivets wouldn't be as prominent on an actual vehicle, but even so the proportions of the thing are just kind of... goofy.

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