15mm Battlefront plastic StuG III-G

I got this in one of Battlefront's starter sets — I think it was titled "Open Fire" — some time ago. It was in the clearance bin at the local comics-and-games shop, and I thought that it would be a cheap way of getting a few more vehicles to add to my collection.

The box came with two of these StuG III and three Shermans. The StuGs are passable I suppose, but the Shermans are among the worst plastic kits I've ever encountered — the scale and silhouette is fine, but the construction design is execrable, with ill-fitting pieces and huge gaps in screamingly obvious areas, requiring a great deal of filling and filing to get a half-way acceptable end product.

Anyway, I finally got around to painting this one. It'll do, I suppose, but it's not a great advertisement for Battlefront's injection-moulded plastic kits, and I'd be much more inclined to go with another manufacturer like PSC.

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