New Arrivals

Just arrived is a whole new bunch of wargames books from Warlord Games, this time their WWII skirmish game, "Bolt Action", plus a couple of army books.

I haven't read them through in great detail as yet, but I've seen enough to know that they have quite a few mechanisms in common with the others of theirs I've seen (Black Powder, Pike & Shot and Hail Caesar), and like them, enough differences to trip up the unwary.

This is clearly not a game designed to please those wargamers who become enraged when the different muzzle velocities of the Lee-Enfield SMLE Mk.IV and the Kar.98 aren't accurately modelled and reflected in combat outcomes on the tabletop. No indeed, they appear to be aimed at much more well-balanced gamers, people who prefer to have fun instead of a pedantry-inspired stroke.

I also bought a set of their "Order Dice.
These are really pretty much of a gimmick; they can easily be replaced by ordinary six-sided dice, or even card chits or the like. However, I've got them now and no doubt they'll do exactly what they're designed to do, which is to display what orders you've given each unit.

Warlord also sent me, unsolicited, some samples of their 28mm pewter figures: three in total (or four if you count the wounded guy being carried). Two (or three) Brave Lads and one Dirty Nazi.
They're not too bad at all. Well sculpted and cast, and quite characterful. It's good business I think; as a customer it makes me feel good to receive these little tokens, and it shows off the quality of their wares in a very tangible way. I doubt that I'll be buying any, just because 28mm metal figures are getting to be out of my price range these days, and reasonably good plastics are readily available, but I do appreciate the gesture. And you never know; after all, I have woeful self-control when it comes to buying more little metal dollies.

I intend to use my 15mm stuff for this. There are a couple of advantages: first, I already have a bunch of figures and vehicles, and second, I can cut all the distances down to centimetres instead of inches and have a decent game on a much smaller table area.

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