More 15mm Traveller figures — huzzah!


The RAFM 15mm Traveller miniatures (which, apparently, aren't Traveller miniatures any more) I ordered at the beginning of October LAST YEAR have finally arrived. The original order went astray in the post, so they sent me out replacements, which now are here and ready for me to start painting.

Since we almost never use miniatures in our Traveller game, this might seem like a whole lot of wasted effort. Perhaps it might be time to hunt down a decent set of sci-fi skirmish rules.

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  1. There are some good sets of rules around, ranging from the free (FUBAR and its various siblings, Stargrunt from Ground Zero Games), through the cheap (the USEME series from www.15mm,, to the wargamey (Tomorrow's War). Or you could use the Traveller children Snapshot or Mayday.

    As for figures, one is currently spoilt for choice and, with the interest in Skirmish games, we are seeing more civilian and "adventurer" type character figures along side the Marine platoon or mercenary unit.