Goblin Battle-line

Some more of my drawing, this time a bunch of goblinoid critters in line of battle with a miscellany of polearms. I did it on 360gsm smooth Fabriano paper with the excellent pigment liners by Staedtler, which have all but replaced the much more expensive Rotring technical pens I used to work with almost exclusively.

Anyway, after doing the black-and-white drawing I scanned it, added the brown textured background in Photoshop, and highlighted it in Painter VIII, mostly with digital chalks. I like 3-tone drawing; it's so much easier to achieve a wide range of tone that way than in pure line.

As usual, the picture can be clicked upon to see a larger, more inflated version.


  1. That looks fantastic! I love everything about it --- the combination of tones, the grimacing faces, the composition... even the way one of the spears pokes beyond the frame!

  2. Excellent pic! I especially like the goblin that's right up front. Thanks for sharing!