Into The Depths

Graphite pencil, finished in Painter VIII. It's a fairly generic dungeoneering/spelunking scene; I think it could do with something nasty lurking in there somewhere, but I haven't quite decided what or where. Or how, for that matter.

Edit: I turned one of the rock formations into a giant humanoid skull, but I don't know that I'm convinced. In fact I'm pretty sure I don't like it.

Click on the images to embiggen.


  1. Awesome. You've just sparked my imagination in about 7 directions.

    - Ark

  2. Excellent picture. I am with Ark, this ignites the imagination big time.

  3. I like it a lot! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm quite partial to the first version, maybe lose a bit of the detail on the second, to give it a more weathered/less obvious appearance?

    Either way, great work!