Friday 11 February 2011

Scenery: Chasm Bridge

I don't know where this bridge is, or where the tunnel goes to or comes from.

It just occurred to me: how did the photographer get this photo? Is there another bridge? Was he or she dangling from a rope? Or were they plummeting to a grisly doom with a camera and thought it looked like a nice shot to catch as they went past?


  1. I've no idea — that's a problem with finding images entirely context-free. It could be I suppose, but the arch looks kind of puny for a train bridge.

  2. Fitz, I always love your choices of images!

    It is a footbridge called the 'Fairyland Bridge' in Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain National Park, China.

    A few different views here:

    Here is one for scale:


  3. Thanks for that. I do like to know a little something about what I'm looking at :)