The dice saga continues

In my endless search for Gamescience precision dice, I happened upon Gamestation. They appeared to have good stocks of the dice I wanted, and though their prices were a little higher than those quoted on Zocchi's site, I thought I'd order a few sets.

Until I got to the shipping section of the checkout routine.

The cheapest shipping option they offered to NZ was over fifty US dollars! That's about 150% of the actual order value, and for an order which would weigh no more than a few ounces, nor amount to any great bulk. I've had orders shipped from the UK on the other side of the world for a fraction of that, and bulky book orders from the US for under $10.

Those shipping rates are outrageous, and needless to say, I won't be back to Gamestation any time soon. I offer this in warning to any potential non-US customers*. I wouldn't recommend that you support Gamestation as long as they persist in this phenomenal price-gouging.

* Note: I have no idea what their shipping rates are like within the US, but I wouldn't be sanguine about getting anything cheap from them.

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