The dice saga continues

In my endless search for Gamescience precision dice, I happened upon Gamestation. They appeared to have good stocks of the dice I wanted, and though their prices were a little higher than those quoted on Zocchi's site, I thought I'd order a few sets.

Until I got to the shipping section of the checkout routine.

The cheapest shipping option they offered to NZ was over fifty US dollars! That's about 150% of the actual order value, and for an order which would weigh no more than a few ounces, nor amount to any great bulk. I've had orders shipped from the UK on the other side of the world for a fraction of that, and bulky book orders from the US for under $10.

Those shipping rates are outrageous, and needless to say, I won't be back to Gamestation any time soon. I offer this in warning to any potential non-US customers*. I wouldn't recommend that you support Gamestation as long as they persist in this phenomenal price-gouging.

* Note: I have no idea what their shipping rates are like within the US, but I wouldn't be sanguine about getting anything cheap from them.


  1. I have no idea what they charge to ship to NZ, but sells those dice too. As does

  2. I bought some from, and their shipping rates, though still high, were nowhere as high as Gamestation. Unfortunately they messed me around for so long with that order that I'm reluctant to try them again.

    I haven't tried, I'll give them a look-see

  3. Dicepool only ship to the US and Canada, so no good to me :(

  4. Hey Fitz

    Have you tried G-Squared? They also have an e-bay store under the name G2 Collectibles & Hobbies.

    Shipping to NZ should be under $5 USD for a set.

  5. You could try http://, I just purchased some gamescience dice off them. If shipping to NZ is too strenuous, I could easy ship it here (since I am local) and ship it on at no extras :)