Cruiser Mk.I A9

My friend Steve recently passed on to me a troop of three old Battlefront 15mm (1/100) A9 Cruiser tanks. This model has been remastered and re-released by Battlefront, but I haven't seen any of the new ones in the flesh, so I don't know how they compare.

Anyway: I've broken down the models, tidied up the castings a bit and reassembled them, replaced the white-metal 2-pounder with a turned brass one, and am painting them in the 1940 BEF disruptive scheme of Khaki Green No.3 and Dark Green No.4.

I'm trying to get all my un-built 15mm stuff assembled and painted, because I'm thinking of selling it all off and concentrating my WWII wargaming efforts on 6mm (1/285 - 1/300). The smaller scale is less impressive to look at on the table, but it has several advantages:

  • I can buy a couple of troops of tanks for the price of a single 15mm one.
  • A game requires less space to set up, or a larger game can be had in the same space.
  • The models are easier to transport for 'away' games.
  • The models, being so much smaller, require less painting to look acceptable, and at close range, good quality 6mm stuff (like that from GHQ) look just as good.
  • Storage for both models and terrain is much simplified, being so much more compact than 15mm stuff.

However, I'm dithering a bit. When I've sold off gaming stuff in the past, I've almost always come to regret it. Plus, selling it all is bound to be a huge hassle, and I don't actually need the money that badly.

We'll see.

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