Old 15mm RAFM Traveller figures

RAFM 15mm Traveller miniatures — click to embiggen
 I've had these figures knocking around in my collection for a good long time — 20-25 years easily, though they're a little older than that. In their day, they were easily the best 15mm figures available in any genre; 15mm wargaming figures of the time tended to be pretty basic. For many years, these were the only 15mm sci-fi figures available, and I think they were originally marketed under the FASA banner.

These days, 15mm figures have improved enormously, and there are plenty of manufacturers to rival RAFM in terms of sculpting quality. These guys are still right at the top of the field when it comes to character though; they're just oozing with it. RAFM have re-released them, and I'm sorely tempted to buy some more now that at long last I can.

I've just got around to thinking about painting them, after all these years. My friend Joffre is planning to run a space-opera-ish sci-fi campaign in a few weeks, and I thought it might be useful to have to figures ready and waiting for the fun to start. I think 15mm is ideal for modern/sci-fi gaming; they're large enough to be identifiable, but small enough to accommodate the longer ranges at which combat tends to happen — fantasy games tend to concentrate a lot more on hand-to-hand stuff, so the larger figure scales aren't as problematic. I've tried using WH40K Epic 6mm figures in the past, but they're just too tiny to be manageable as single figures.

The rest of them — undercoated, awaiting paint. Also embiggenable by clicking.


  1. Yes, but where are the Zhodani figs?


  2. RAFM never made Zhodani. Check these links to see what they made. The Zho were Martian Metals...I think.