15mm Traveller minis - the next batch

OK, the next batch. The three on the left are robots of course, and I felt that I had to do the humanoid one in C3PO gold. I like the left-most one a lot; it's described in the RAFM catalogue as a "Security Bot" and comes in a pack of ten. I may have to get some. I don't care that much about either of the other two 'bots; they're OK but they don't really float my boat. They're from the Support Staff set.

The two figures on the right would be useful PC figures; the woman in the virulent green jump-suit is one of the Space Vixens set*, the armoured guy is from Infantry Pack #3. Players will move heaven and earth to get their hands on heavy combat armour, so I can see this figure being a popular one.

* Seriously? Space Vixens? Good grief.


  1. Wow. Your 15mm paint jobs look better than my 28mm paint jobs. Serious mini painting skill envy.
    I'm also pleasantly surprised at how much detail there is in the figures themselves!

  2. Those look really great! I like how you've got them displayed here too.

  3. Very nice figures, Fitz.

    I finally succumbed and ordered some Vargr and Aslan from RAFM during their recent sale - helped offset their horrendous postage charges - and the figures are as good as the ones I bought from Citadel back in the 80's. Good service, too.