Wednesday 10 November 2010

A13 re-paint

OOP Battlefront 15mm A13 Mk.IV
I have a few of Battlefront's old out-of-production early-war AFV models, from back in the distant past, courtesy of a couple of friends. One of them is this A13 Mk.IV cruiser tank, the immediate ancestor of the Covenanter (which never saw action, as far as I know) and the more numerous and famous Crusader series.

I painted it some time ago, but the scholarship of Mike Starmer forced me to eventually admit to myself that I was wrong, wrong, wrong with respect to my colour scheme, so at long last I bit the bullet and re-painted it as you see here to the right.

The original paint-job
was more suitable to
late-war British vehicles
It looks a bit clean and tidy for my usual taste, but then not that many of the vehicles that went to France in 1940 lasted long enough to get very battered before they were either destroyed or abandoned.

The new range of early-war vehicle models from Battlefront looks very nice indeed, and I shall certainly have to get myself some to add to the teetering skyscraper of unassembled, unpainted models that chokes up my workroom.

Unfortunately, if Troy "Ritterkrieg"'s experience is anything to go by, the same can't be said for the infantry sculpts. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen some in the flesh, but it may be that the situation will redound to the benefit of companies like Peter Pig (who, by the way, have one of the ugliest websites I've seen in some time).

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