Chain of Command Markers – Test Run

A little bowl of grey goodies
Chain of Command uses a variety of markers to keep track of various troop conditions and stances. I thought I would see what I could do to make some with my 3d printer.

The little 12mm splat represents one shock, the large 20mm splat with the 5 is five shock. The 20mm splat with the P is a pin marker. The bar with OVERWATCH on it is pretty self-explanatory — the 45 degree ends show the unit's area of overwatch.

The set of STLs is downloadable from

They're pretty quick to print, and I can get myself an adequate supply in a few hours. regrettably, I only have grey filament at the moment. So, if I want them any colour other than grey, I'll have to paint them. Life is truly a vale of woe.

The other sort of marker Chain of Command uses are Jump-Off Points, defining where you can deploy your troops from.

I made this one, Partly to try out Blender's cloth simulation.

It's a fuel dump marker, scaled for use with 15mm figures.

The STL is available for free download at

Figures are PSC 15mm plastic Russians
Shed is a scratch-build

Here's the first print of the jump-off point marker. It's a bit scrappy; it looks like it's time for a bit of a tune-up on my 3d printer. The jerry-cans in front are all nubbly and crappy, they don't look like the sleek smooth steel beauties they should be at all. Though to be fair, FDM probably isn't the best choice for that sort of detail.

Here's another one, this time it's an ammo dump. The base is 40mm in diameter.

The STL for this one can be downloaded from

And yet another. This one is a mixed fuel and ammo dump marker, and is a little smaller than the other two at 30mm diameter.

This one is at

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