The Joy of Two (Dimensions)

Here's tonight's initial game setup — the tiles are cobbled together from FDG's "Ravensfell Sewers" papercraft dungeon tiles set in Photoshop and printed on my laser printer, and the froghemoth in the pool is the one I 3d printed the other day.

I'm always impressed by beautifully built and painted 3d dungeons, but I can't be bothered with them for my own games. Most of the time I just draw on that laminated grid layout (the textured thing underneath the sewerage pool) with dry-erase markers and call it good enough, but from time to time I'll go berserk and make something a bit fancier — like this sewage collection pool.

Grills Gone Wild

This is a piece I designed for my own campaign, for use with 2d dungeon tiles. It could also be used with 3d tiles, but I haven't sized it to fit in with any particular range. It's designed for use with 28mm miniatures.

It prints in two pieces, front and back. If you don't mind printing with slicer supports, you could rotate the two pieces and mash them together in the slicer, and print them as one piece.

STLs are at

Sewer tile by Fat Dragon Games

Fly Away

One of the PCs in my AD&D/OSRIC campaign has an Ebony Fly, one of the Figurines of Wondrous Power, and I thought that I might get some more Blender 2.80 practice by making a figure to represent him when he's buzzing around on it. He's a cleric of Mother Shipton, a goddess of the Carny Folk, so I've given him a jolly carny hat.

The fly came from Thingiverse, but the figure I made in Daz3d. I thought that might be a short cut to creating a human mannequin, but it really wasn't. I had to do so much to make the Daz3d output usable as an editable Blender object that I really might just as well have built him from scratch in Blender to begin with.

I have the model on the printer at this very moment, and I'll see how it turns out tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

Next morning...

The print came out OK I guess, considering my enormous great 0.4mm nozzle, but clearing away the supports was a bit nightmarish and I had to glue three of its feet back on. I think it would be a good idea to chop up the model and print it in two, or even three, parts.

The flight stand is magnetic. I set a flat-headed machine screw into the belly of the fly.

It's a very quick paint-job, but it'll do for the moment.

Then I went and dropped it, and broke off all the feet on its starboard side. So, bugger.

Froggy the Froghemoth

This is the waterline remix I did of Miguel Zavala's froghemoth, along with an old Essex 28mm wargaming figure I call Sergeant Measureby (his spear is painted in 5mm increments).

The sculpting issues I had with it in Blender didn't really affect the FDM print, though they might be a bit more apparent in resin, I don't know.

I have not yet decided whether I'll put it on a water base. Maybe, some day.

Apparatus-like Mechanism of Kwalish-ish

I'm in the process of building a digital model of a magical doo-dad similar to, but crucially not identical to, nor actually called the Apparatus of Kwalish.

The players in my AD&D campaign have one, and they don't seem likely to give it up willingly. Having a 3d-printed model of it would be quite cool, I think.

However, just how easy it will be to actually print this thing is yet to be seen. It will be doable, certainly, but I suspect I might have to cut it up quite a bit.

This afternoon has been spent building the pilot's chair.

Here's the view (so far) from behind.

The body is actually fully enclosed.
The panels are separate and removable
for access to the interior.


Right, I've got the outer shell of the tail pretty much done, though I'd like to do something a bit more interesting with the flippers. At the moment they're a bit flat and boring... maybe a few ribs or something. Just how to go about that I'm not yet quite sure.

Underneath those plates I want to put a bunch of clockwork-looking stuff, cogs and push-rods and the like.

Next Day

Added a bit of panel detail to the tail fins
to make them a bit less bland and featureless

And underneath... CLOCKWORK!
(Don't look too close, it's just a bunch of garbage really).

A Bit Later

Pilot's control panel

Seen from the passenger compartment
I've now done the pilot's control panel. The levers and stuff are all pretty chunky, as I've built them with a view to FDM printing. They'll look quite a bit more delicate in physical form.

King Worm

This is more or less a 3d doodle that I did in Blender while I was listening to a podcast. I haven't printed it yet, but I don't think there should be any problems.

It's about 40mm long as modeled, and you may want to enlarge it in your slicer to make it a bit more disgustingly majestic on the tabletop. Or not, whatever you want, I'm not your Dad.

STL is at

Next Day

I added a version with a pair of arm-feet it can use to drag itself along. This one has been scaled up 300% from the original, and it prints out at about 120mm long.

And the next...

Here's the thing, printed and painted.

It's been printed at 0.16mm layer height in white eSun PLA+, at 300% (about 120mm long).

I did quite a bit of scraping and sanding and filing to try to get rid of as much of the top contours as possible, which left the surface a bit rugged, but on this guy I don't think it matters too much. Probably a better smoothing solution would be one of the self-levelling epoxies designed for the purpose.

M11/39 Troop

Here's a troop of what was probably one of the worst tanks to see service in the Western Desert, and considering the competition that's quite an achievement.

The Italian Fiat M11/39 had a main armament of an obsolete 37mm gun mounted in the hull, which meant that not only could it not operate effectively hull-down, it also had a very limited traverse, so to engage targets to its flanks the whole tank had to be rotated. It did have a rotating turret, but that just mounted a pair of rifle-calibre machine-guns. To add to its shortcomings, it was slow and somewhat unreliable, and its armour was proof against small arms only. Even the Vickers Lights were more than a match for it, being much faster and more maneuverable, and the .50 Vickers and the 15mm BESA could both readily penetrate its armour.

These 1:100 scale (15mm) models were 3d printed on my Ender 3 FDM printer. Overall they're OK models, but the 37mm is way out of scale so that it would print reliably — one of these days I might lop them off and replace them with barrels turned down from brazing rod.

The model is available for download on Thingiverse at

Desert Italians

Since Battlefront have left me high and dry for the moment with their crappy stock management, I've just started painting what 15mm Italians I have, which are these ones from a 75/27 artillery set.

I'll paint the guns and their crews as well, because why not? But I seldom use on-table artillery other than anti-tank guns.

Guillotine for Guillotine


My guillotine
I bought myself a copy of Guillotine, an entertaining enough little card game of chopping off the heads of 18th century French aristos.

The game comes with a folded cardboard thing which is supposed to be a guillotine (it's used to mark the business end of the line of cards on the table) but it is crap. So I made one.

Strictly speaking, it isn't necessary to have a guillotine to play the game, but I'm sure a tiny guillotine will be a handy thing to have around in any case. If nothing else, I can drag it out for our D&D game the next time one of the characters gets hauled up before the law for setting fire to a city or something.

Great King Fex, Lord of All Poop

Behold, Great King Fex, Lord of All Poop!
Bow down and cower before him!
All hail his mighty stench!
Also behold one of his trusty PoopGuard!

These are two of DutchMogul's earth-people models, which can be found at

I, however, intend to use them not as earth-people, but as poop-people. I have a couple of dozen PoopGuard being painted right now, plus some others which I will keep in reserve until after they've had their evil (neutral, really) way with my players.

The Joy of Two (Dimensions)

Here's tonight's initial game setup — the tiles are cobbled together from FDG's " Ravensfell Sewers " papercraft dun...