Fly Away

One of the PCs in my AD&D/OSRIC campaign has an Ebony Fly, one of the Figurines of Wondrous Power, and I thought that I might get some more Blender 2.80 practice by making a figure to represent him when he's buzzing around on it. He's a cleric of Mother Shipton, a goddess of the Carny Folk, so I've given him a jolly carny hat.

The fly came from Thingiverse, but the figure I made in Daz3d. I thought that might be a short cut to creating a human mannequin, but it really wasn't. I had to do so much to make the Daz3d output usable as an editable Blender object that I really might just as well have built him from scratch in Blender to begin with.

I have the model on the printer at this very moment, and I'll see how it turns out tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

Next morning...

The print came out OK I guess, considering my enormous great 0.4mm nozzle, but clearing away the supports was a bit nightmarish and I had to glue three of its feet back on. I think it would be a good idea to chop up the model and print it in two, or even three, parts.

The flight stand is magnetic. I set a flat-headed machine screw into the belly of the fly.

It's a very quick paint-job, but it'll do for the moment.

Then I went and dropped it, and broke off all the feet on its starboard side. So, bugger.

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  1. Great work there. Really nice and I'm sure your players will be pleasantly surprised when you get that out.


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