Workbench Reorganisation

I have a lot of shit cluttering up my modeling workspace. Too much shit. It creeps in, making me more and more cramped, until I go berserk with claustrophobia and try to bring some order to the chaos.

Now it's more or less organised again, but it won't be long before it exerts itself again and I end up working in a tiny six inch square piece of desk.

Something that has helped enormously are the two rotating paint racks, though it's about time to make another as I've run out of space on them. The one on the right is ridiculously over-engineered, made from chunks of 18mm plywood. The one on the left is much lighter, made from 3mm MDF. Both are mounted on "lazy susan" trays to allow them to rotate freely.

The shelves on the wall are another item that needs adjustment; they're less useful than I'd hoped, being too widely spaced and not deep enough. I'll make a new unit that will screw to the wall, which will do away with the brackets as well.

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