PSC 15mm Churchill

Here's the first of my 15mm (1/100) Churchills from the Plastic Soldier Company in its coat of paint.

I've painted it in a very generic scheme that I can use for Tunisia, Italy, or even Normandy. There are no unit markings (as yet), I may add some later on if I feel the spirit move me.

Here's the PSC Churchill (on the right) alongside the same Churchill from Battlefront, which I painted quite a few years ago. The resin and metal BF model is very slightly larger (in width, mainly), and its surface detail is less crisp than that on the injection-moulded model from PSC. It's also a heck of a lot more expensive, per model.

PSC 6pdr & Loyd Carrier (15mm) — review

Here's another British WWII gun and tow in 15mm (1/100) from the Plastic Soldier Company, this time the 6pdr (57mm) anti-tank gun and ...