FOW the 4th

I bought myself a copy of Flames of War 4e, mostly out of curiosity since I haven't played FOW at all since the early days of 2e. I got the 3e freebie mini-book when they released that, but frankly I thought that all they'd done was add a whole lot of pointless bloat without really fixing anything much.

4e is, at first glance, less bloated and more streamlined, and the core rulebook is a lot cheaper than previous editions. But it's not really complete unless you also buy one or both of the 4e army books, which I am loathe to do.

I do like the idea of the Unit Cards for ease of reference, but since my chosen period is 1930-40 I'm going to have to make my own if I want to use them. That's not really a big deal; I have them skillz.

There is still no sort of Overwatch rule, as far as I can see. Still nothing stopping you from running your tanks uninterrupted from cover to cover in front of a massed line of AT guns and turning them to keep your front armour facing any threat at start and end of movement, even if you're moving absolutely flat out.

I still don't think it's one of the better rule sets available for WWII, but meh, I'll play it if there's nothing else.

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