Carden-Loyd Carrier (1:285)
The Carden-Loyd carriers were the direct ancestors of the later, more famous Universal Carriers of WWII. They were tiny, very lightly armoured, and had a tendency to fall to bits, but they were useful enough to be used in their hundreds by the British army in the late 1920s and '30s. The army liked them because they were cheap, and they could be used to practice their light tank doctrine. They appeared in a variety of roles (mortar carrier, light anti-tank gun tow, for example), but the most common was the Vickers-armed Medium Machine-gun Carrier, as shown here.

This model is only about 10mm long — the honking great big struts are sprues to support the gun barrel and towing hitch during printing.
It's also available as a twelve-up sprue — much more cost-effective.

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