3d Printing Catalogue

Gradually, my catalogue of 15mm 1920s and '30s models increases. There are quite a few more that could be done of course, but there are enough there to equip a reasonably decent army (for the British, at least). And it grows.

It's a pity it's such a niche market, but then again, if it wasn't I would almost certainly never have gotten into designing for 3d printing at all. I really only started because there was virtually nothing available for the period in my chosen scale, and not much more in any other scale for that matter.

I originally planned to use 3d printing only to create masters for traditional moulding for resin and/or metal drop-casting. That never eventuated; there are few of these models that would be suitable for that purpose without some quite substantial redesigning. If I were going to go into producing models on a commercial scale, I'd have to revisit that idea — 3d printing is still too expensive for mass production. At least, it is if you have to use somebody else's services. And it's too slow if you have to settle for just one printer to run your home-based production line (and even one printer is out of my fiscal reach for the foreseeable future).

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