My digital legions increase!

Since I'd already gone to all the effort of building the running gear for the Birch Gun, I thought I might as well make my next model the Vickers Medium Mk.C, from about 1925, which uses basically the same chassis.

I don't have scale drawings for this one, so I'm working by best guess from some very old, grainy photographs. This particular one is designed at 1:100 scale for 15mm; I'll probably do a redesigned version for 1:285 (6mm).

I don't believe it saw service with the British army, but Vickers supplied some to the Irish, and to  the Japanese who modified it and turned it into the Type 89.

Occupation/Deployment Markers

I play in 15mm, and I don't use buildings with removable roofs. So, for those times when our little troops have occupied a building, I...