More digital armaments

The Carden Loyd Light Tank Mk.VIII from the mid-1920s. Now available from Shapeways in 1:100 scale and 1:56 scale.

This is the vehicle on which Vickers based their enduring line of light tanks, after they bought out Carden Loyd in the 1920s..

It's tiny. At full size, it's less than three and a half metres long, which is a little bit smaller than my car — although it would have been a lot heavier than my car, and also much slower and less fuel-efficient. Though my car doesn't have a machine-gun mounted, which I sometimes regret when I'm in traffic

Cold War Project — Infantry Basing Method

GPMG group, primed but not yet painted or flocked This is a Heroics & Ros 1980s British three-man GPMG group, with the gun mounted i...