Thursday 18 April 2024

Replacement Star Hero Books


The two Star Hero books I ordered to replace two that I thought I'd lost (but had merely misplaced) arrived this morning.

I got the shipping notice from Hero Games on March 30th, so transit time was about three weeks — not the fastest I've had, but very very far from being the slowest. The actual order confirmation was a couple of weeks before then, so I suppose that was the PoD production lead time.

Together they cost me about twenty YankeeBucks, plus about the same for shipping from the US.

So, now I have two copies of each. Hey-ho.

And Now, This...

This arrived too.

It's a manual of guns for those who like to fetishize them in their roleplaying.

Personally, I don't care enough about guns to really need all this information: my information requirements generally boil down to whether a gun is a Big Gun or a Little Gun, and whether it goes dakka-dakka-dakka or just dak dak dak.

However, the whim took me, so now I own it.

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