Friday 26 April 2024

More (Mostly Pointless) Messing About


I thought I would try an experiment: I re-scaled one of Bergman's 1:100 Char B-I (bis) models to 1:200 and printed it on my Mars Pro. It's the yellow one in the middle.

The one at the back is a 1:100 Flames of War model from Battlefront that I painted many years ago, and the teensy one in front is (I think) from GHQ, or possibly C-in-C, which would make it 1:285, also painted many years ago.

The re-scaled model printed pretty well, and should paint up fine.

I'm attracted by the compactness of 1:200 as a wargaming scale, but I am very very heavily invested in 15mm (and 6mm, though I seldom even look at them these days due to my increasingly crappy eyesight) and building a couple of armies in a whole new scale would be a considerable effort — I'd have to do a whole lot of new terrain as well. And I'd have to do at least two armies, because I know nobody local who plays in 1:200.

Not that I actually do any wargaming these days anyway — my gaming is pretty much purely theoretical since COVID Times put a stop to it. I probably should make more of an effort to get down to the club once in a while.

A bit later on...

I've got it painted up now.

It does take a bit less painting than a 1:100 scale model, but not all that much less really.


  1. Such a busy scheme for such a small vehicle!

  2. Your blog post reminded me of the days when I used to model for wargaming. Although I don't play much anymore, I still cherish those times. Your experiment sounds interesting, and the rescaled model you printed looks great. Hopefully, the pandemic will end soon, and you'll be able to enjoy actual gaming once again.