Wednesday 13 December 2023

Little Fokkers


I got distracted from what I was supposed to be doing, and instead of doing that, I built this little Fokker D-VII in Blender at 1:144 scale.

The struts and things are far too thick for scale, but that's because it's a model intended for tabletop wargaming, and the thick struts will make it much sturdier, as well as being easier to print.

I've given it a 3mm socket underneath for mounting on a flight stand.

It's available for sale now at

Next Day...

Printed nose-up on Ender 3

Vital supports added in Blender

Test prints begin.

I've tried the print in two orientations: nose-up and nose-down, with vital supports added in Blender before creating the STL. Each has it pros and cons.

The nose-up model printed well, but the scalloped trailing edges of the wings could be better.

Printed nose-down
Blender export

The nose-down orientation printed the wing edges better, and the front edges are much easier to clean up.

However, I had some failures with the undercarriage and some of the centre struts. I'm not sure exactly why, but I'll try changing its Z-axis orientation on the printer platen, that sometimes helps. Who knows why.

Later... several days later

This Fokker Dr1 triplane isn't all my own work. I took one of Captain Ahab's models, intended for 1/300 - 1/200, and jazzed it up.

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