Oh! The Humanity!

 I was looking through my library for something else entirely, and happened across this book that I'd completely forgotten I had — it's called Inside the Hindenburg by Mireille Majoor and Ken Marschal.

It's a relatively thin (32 pages) large format (387x260mm) volume, ISBN 1-86508-327-5, and it's full of incredibly useful cutaway drawings of the Hindenburg airship. The Hindenburg was larger and more luxurious than any previous airship, but it would be useful as an example of those like the R101 and the like.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get up to roleplaying shenanigans on an airship. 


  1. I often thought about making one - in 1/32.

  2. Might be useful for a game involving more hard science spaceship as well, since fuel tanking will take up a lot of space (since it would be also hydrogen!)