Thursday 27 July 2023

Call of Cthulhu Keeping


Tonight I get to run my first ever Call of Cthulhu scenario.

Hopefully it won't suck too badly.

I have run a couple of horror-focused Weird West scenarios in the past.

  • In one, a train-bound scenario, one of the PCs started a gunfight that left almost everyone dead or dying before the wendigo even had a chance to turn up.
  • And in the other, a "Confederate Gold" scenario, the mortally ill and dying NPC, one of the guards of the gold shipment in the Civil War, who was supposed to mistake one of the PCs for his old colonel in his delirium and let the party know about the gold and where and how to get hold of it... well, the PC in question smothered him to death as soon as he got the location of the gold and before he could give any of the information about the ancient Injun mountain spirit guarding the place, so that everyone ended up being crushed to death and eaten by the mountain when they went into the cave with the gold in it without propitiating it.

With a bit of luck, this time we can get a bit closer to the official end of the session before everyone is dead.


It went fine, though as usual the party did very little that I had expected. To be honest I'm not quite sure where we'll go from here, but one way or another something will happen.


I bought this facsimile of the 1927 Sears-Roebuck Catalogue many, many years ago. I think it might come in handy for when the PCs want to do a bit of shopping.

The trouble with it is that it's not that easy to find anything in there. There is an index, but it's not in a sensible place, so just finding that is a bit of a mission.

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  1. Great add with the catalog. Gamers are very unpredictable and rpg's are better for it.