OT-130 — The Paintening Concludes


The OT-130 was a flamethrower variant of the Soviet T-26B light tank.

Painting complete. The tank and infantryman are both 15mm (1:100 scale), and both were 3d printed on my Elegoo Mars Pro in eSun water-washable resin.

For a blow-by-blow work-in-progress post on the painting of this thing, go here.


  1. Looks great! A winter war tank seems like one that ought to be well weathered too.

    And thanks for the painting tips. Question: did you seal the model before doing the oil wash? I have seen some guides that say you should and others do not mention it, so wondered what you did.

    1. I did give it a squirt of gloss acrylic varnish, to smooth out the paint surface and make it easier to clean off any areas where I'd overdone the oil wash. Putting any wash, oil or acrylic, straight on to a matte paint surface will tend to darken wide open areas without any easy way of reducing the effect. I don't always seal before washing, especially if I'm just pin-washing, but I usually do.