Giant Trapdoor Spider


This gigantic trapdoor spider is 3d printed from a model by Schlossbauer, on Thingiverse. It's printed in eSun PLA+ on my Ender 3. I printed it scaled at at 150%, because I like my giant bugs to be really big.

The wizard is a very, very old mini, from a company called Asgard I think, and sold in the late 1970s. I got it from a friend and repainted it. The other mini is one of WotC's "iconic" character minis, from when they first published D&D3e. I think it's a class called a Loremaster; I can't remember the character name.

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  1. Great work! Would hate to be those guys. The whole "bursting from the ground" thing is great for monsters, and could be used to good effect for other monsters that do that, like ankhegs or bulettes.