Guillotine for Guillotine


My guillotine
I bought myself a copy of Guillotine, an entertaining enough little card game of chopping off the heads of 18th century French aristos.

The game comes with a folded cardboard thing which is supposed to be a guillotine (it's used to mark the business end of the line of cards on the table) but it is crap. So I made one.

Strictly speaking, it isn't necessary to have a guillotine to play the game, but I'm sure a tiny guillotine will be a handy thing to have around in any case. If nothing else, I can drag it out for our D&D game the next time one of the characters gets hauled up before the law for setting fire to a city or something.

My Guillotine Box
And because I can, I also designed and printed a box to fit everything in to.

Compact! Stylish! Every home should have one!

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