Apparatus-like Mechanism of Kwalish-ish

I'm in the process of building a digital model of a magical doo-dad similar to, but crucially not identical to, nor actually called the Apparatus of Kwalish.

The players in my AD&D campaign have one, and they don't seem likely to give it up willingly. Having a 3d-printed model of it would be quite cool, I think.

However, just how easy it will be to actually print this thing is yet to be seen. It will be doable, certainly, but I suspect I might have to cut it up quite a bit.

This afternoon has been spent building the pilot's chair.

Here's the view (so far) from behind.

The body is actually fully enclosed.
The panels are separate and removable
for access to the interior.


Right, I've got the outer shell of the tail pretty much done, though I'd like to do something a bit more interesting with the flippers. At the moment they're a bit flat and boring... maybe a few ribs or something. Just how to go about that I'm not yet quite sure.

Underneath those plates I want to put a bunch of clockwork-looking stuff, cogs and push-rods and the like.

Next Day

Added a bit of panel detail to the tail fins
to make them a bit less bland and featureless

And underneath... CLOCKWORK!
(Don't look too close, it's just a bunch of garbage really).

A Bit Later

Pilot's control panel

Seen from the passenger compartment
I've now done the pilot's control panel. The levers and stuff are all pretty chunky, as I've built them with a view to FDM printing. They'll look quite a bit more delicate in physical form.

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