Wednesday 28 November 2018

Ridiculous Land Dreadnaught

I designed this ridiculous dieselpunk Land Dreadnaught for 6mm a couple of years ago, and I thought I'd rescale it and bring up the detail for 15mm–20mm. At this scale, it's about 195mm long. I guess it could be used for 28mm games at a pinch, though in that scale it's not really any bigger than most tanks.

The figure is the 15mm SidScale from Printable Scenery, included to give an idea of the size of the beast.

I haven't yet figured out how I'm going to split it up for printing. The turrets will all be detached of course, and sockets punched into the hull for them to rotate in, but the big turret needs a bit more work I think. I want to make the main gun moveable, and I think it needs a bit more clutter up on the roof.


Some guys on the Tabletop 3d Printing FB group suggested that it needed wider tracks, and after initially reeling in horror at the thought of rebuilding them, I realised that widening them wouldn't actually be all that difficult.

So I did.

I also added a 20mm SidScale figure for size reference.


I added a massive access hatch with lifting lugs to the top of the main turret, for getting that big gun in and out I guess.

I also slapped on some panel lines, and some more rivets, because you can never have too many rivets.

I also added a machine-gun sub-turret to the top. It's the same basic geometry as the other gun sub-turrets, so one could mix and match cannon and machine-gun turrets just by printing the number of each one wants.

Next I need to figure out how I'm going to mount the gun so that it can be elevated or depressed, and then how to split everything up for printing. It's possible the best option might just be to only make the turrets and main gun separate objects, and to print the hull and side-sponsons all as one piece. We shall see.

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