Operation Unfathomable

This just arrived for me from DriveThruRPG, the softcover POD book by Jason Sholtis of his long-running Swords & Wizardry FRPG campaign.

I got it primarily because I really like Jason Sholtis' artwork. I seldom used pre-packaged adventure settings or modules; I never really feel they're very satisfactory. However, this book is full of the sort of weird shit that does appeal to me, and I will, no doubt, loot and pillage it until it's been completely strip-mined and left crouching by the side of the road, huddled and despairing.

Two-page title spread
I bought the PDF when it was first released, and liked it so much that when they sent out an email with a discount code for the hard copy for PDF buyers, I thought "I'll have that", and so I did.

I do not regret it one whit.

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