Land Dreadnaughts

I've long had a fondness for the ridiculous multi-turreted land-dreadnaughts that came briefly into fashion in the late 1920s and 1930s. The Soviets were the only ones to actually try using them in action, as far as I know, with their T-35 and T-28. The British A1E1 Independent never made it out of the prototype stage. The Germans built six Neubaufahrzeug of slightly different conformation,, but the nearest they came to seeing action was being sent to Norway in 1940, largely as a propaganda exercise.

I've just printed two types of Neubaufahrzeug in 1:100 scale (15mm) on my 3d printer, and this is the first one I've finished painting.

And here's the next

And just because I can, I printed myself a SMK. It's shown here next to a Zvezda KV-1 for scale; it's not quite as monstrous as a T-35, but it's a sizeable beast.

I've removed the raft and supports, but haven't done any other cleaning up as yet. I'm not precisely sure how long it took to print; Cura predicted about 12½ hours, so I'd guess about 15 hours. It was finished when I got up this morning, which is nice.

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