PSC 15mm WWII Soviets

I've finished painting the first of six sprues of PSC 15mm WWII Soviets, and they're just awaiting some flock for their bases. It's going to take quite a bit of painting to finish the lot, especially for someone like me who frankly loathes production-line painting.

The contents of the box is only five sprues, on each of which are 26 figures (130 in total). Regrettably, there are only two DP LMG figures on each sprue, and a full strength infantry company requires twelve — three platoons of four sections each, each section with one DP.

Fortunately, my friend Steve had a spare sprue which he gave me, so I now have enough machine-guns for a full-strength company.

About eight of the figures on each sprue are armed with SMG. I don't really know what the ratio was of SMG to rifle at the beginning of the war (Operation Barbarossa), but it seems a little high to me for my period. Still, it doesn't matter that much since I can just treat them as if they're rifle troops if need be.

Among the figures on the sprue is this female soldier.

She's unarmed, so I've painted her as a medic — I've taken some artistic licence to include the Red Cross armbands, since she wouldn't have worn them; there'd just be a small red cross on her medic's satchel. However, I wanted to make it quite obvious what she is.

The blue dress was, I think, part of the walking-out uniform. Out in the field, she'd be more likely to be wearing trousers like everyone else.

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