PSC 15mm Soviets — review

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OK, so let's have a closer look at all of the figures off one sprue of the PSC 15mm WWII Russians. I'm not an expert on the Red Army of WWII by any means, but they look pretty good to me. They're in summer uniform, so no ushanka, and any greatcoats are rolled, not worn.

About a third of the troops are armed with a sub-machine gun, the remainder with rifles which look to me like they're meant to be Mosin-Nagants rather than the later SLRs. There are two DP LMG groups included on the sprue, three officers (one of whom looks a bit NKVD-ish), and the unarmed female I've mentioned above, for a total of 26 figures.

The sprue
Quite a few of them require some assembly, and being such small figures, the parts can be a bit fiddly to handle, but they go together pretty well. I'd recommend a reasonably quick-setting liquid cement, but probably not superglue unless you want to spend a lot of time peeling your fingertips apart.

There are five sprues in the box, so a total of 130 figures for your twenty quid, which isn't too bad. I've read various opinions on what a Soviet rifle company consisted of in 1941-42, but there aren't quite enough figures here for a full-strength company. The lack is mostly in support troops like horse-cart drivers, ancillary command group soldiers and the like, so that's not much of an issue for most tabletop wargaming, but there are two too few DP teams for a full company under the stats given in the Battlegroup rules, and if you want the Maxim machine gun platoon you'll have to buy the Support Weapons set (which also includes mortars of various sizes). I have a set of those, and no doubt will be presenting them on my blog at a later date.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with them. Now, on with painting the rest of the box.

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