Huge, but tiny - HMSLS Improbable in 6mm

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Here's the FUD print of HMSLS Improbable in 6mm. It's just had the Gatlings glued in place and been primed black (the picture is overexposed so that we can see anything more than a silhouette).

It shows some quite rugged printing artifacts on some of the surfaces, but it looks much worse in a close-up photo than it does in real life, so I'm not too unhappy. It would be better printed in FED, but this will do me for the present.

One of the Gatlings was lost during the handling process, so it's only got one at the back instead of two. There are a couple of places where it could do with fragile structures being beefed up, such as in the front wheels which are only attached by a slender post.

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