Burford-Kegresse (15mm)

This is the Burford-Kegresse, a British half-tracked machine-gun carrier, from about 1926 I think.

It mounted two Vickers guns on a modified aircraft Scarff mount.

I've been pondering how to build the model so that the guns could be adjustable; it's not impossible, but I think the 3d-printing tolerances might make it impractical in this scale. Maybe when I re-scale it up to 1/72.

The 1/100 scale model for 15mm gaming is available at http://shpws.me/MiBM

Now the 1/72 scale version is available at http://shpws.me/MiXh

The rivets on this one are the same size as the 1/100 scale model, but thanks to the overall increase in size, they look a bit less like baseballs.

Also, the Scarff mount and Vickers guns are separate components, sprued to the main body of the vehicle. That means that after they've been cut away, they can be assembled at any orientation and/or elevation you choose.

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