The latest from Shapeways

This is the latest batch of my models from Shapeways, all in their WSF (White Strong & Flexible) material. From left to right, the Birch Gun, Vickers Medium Mk.II, Carden-Loyd Light Tank Mk.VIII, and Vickers Medium Mk.C. All in 15mm (1:100) scale, and all available for sale from my Shapeways shop.

The WSF plastic does resolve quite a reasonable amount of detail amongst the printing clutter. It's certainly not good enough for fine scale modelling, but for gaming pieces, it's great. It takes paint very well indeed, which is at least one advantage of having such a pronounced surface texture, and it's virtually indestructible. It would be useable for vehicles down to about 1:200 scale I should think, but anything smaller than that would be problematic — it wouldn't be worth modeling for anything more than silhouette.

My next batch will be in the same stuff, but black, which should cut out a painting step.

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