Lancia Armoured Truck

Lancia armoured truck, c.1921.
Shapeways "Black Strong & Flexible" aterial render.
After trawling my way through a whole bunch of photographs of vintage trucks in various states of dilapidation, I've mocked up sufficient chassis detail for wargaming purposes. It's guaranteed not to be very historically accurate, but it gives an idea that there's more under there than just a flat bottom.

The model is now available from Shapeways in 15mm and 28mm scales.

The original was developed in Italy in WW1 for use as an APC, and was widely exported between the wars: they were used in Ireland, where there is still a beautifully restored example. There were some still in service in WW2.

The Irish example has an A-frame wire mesh tent over the open troop compartment, to ward off bricks, bottles and bombs. I haven't included the frame because it increases the cost of the 3d-print substantially — it inflates the amount of machine space required for the the print, although the increase in material required is tiny.

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