Birthday Booty

I had a birthday party last night. The actual birthday was a week ago, but the weather was shitty, and we like to do our partyish socializing out in the back yard around a burning brazier, so we put it off until this weekend.

People brought me much wine, enough to ensure that my liver will suffer terribly.

Steve brought me an expansion to Kittens In A Blender, so we're no longer limited to only four players. Now we're limited to only six players, which is better.

Jo & Bastian brought me a whole bunch of ancient roleplaying miniatures, mostly Ral Partha, but there are some others in there as well. A few of them I already have examples of in my collection, but most are new to me (and I certainly never mind having more than one of a thing).

Now they can all go into a bath of Simple Green for a couple of days to strip off the old paint, ready for new paint.

All in all, I'd rate that birthday a Good Score.

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