Birch Gun for sale, one owner, low mileage

I don't know why the starboard running gear is bright white
while everything else is grey.

But not the port side, which was just mirrored from
the starboard.

Looking down into the fighting compartment

The view from behind.
I've built a 1:285 digital model of a Birch Gun from 1925, and put it up for sale in my brand new shop on Shapeways.

The limitations of the printing process means that things like the gun shield track guards and tracks are hugely over-thick in scale, but most of the model can just be resized upwards to form the core of a 15mm model.

On the plus side, this is the first model I've submitted to Shapeways that passed all their automated pre-acceptance tests first time, so I'm clearly getting a handle on how to design for the materials.

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