Khaki Green #3

I thought, when I was painting the Matilda 1, that my mix of Khaki Green #3 was looking greener and less brown than it used to, and I thought that maybe the green in the mix was staining the other pigments.

However, now that I look at it again next to some older models, I see that that's not so; it's just that previously I'd always painted it with the Dark Green #4 disruptive pattern which makes it look browner by contrast.

Mike Starmer's Khaki Green #3 mix again:
  • 1 part 822 (German Camo Black Brown)
  • 1 part 888 (Olive Grey)
  • 7 parts 921 (English Uniform)
The A13 (left) and A9 (right) are old sculpts from Battlefront; they've both since been re-mastered and considerably improved. They're also now both available as considerably cheaper injection-moulded plastic kits from Zvezda and (I think) Warlord Games Plastic Soldier Company.

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