It's time for some more monster-painting

It's been quite a while since I did any fantasy monster painting, so I pulled this guy out of my endless mountain of unpainted Bones miniatures. It's 77267: Kallaguk, Troll King by Jason Wiebe, and costs about four and a half yankeedolla.

Here he is with the trusty Sergeant Measureby, who tells us that sans-base, our troll king is about 50mm tall from toes to hump. He seems bigger compared to normal human figures though, being so massive.

So far I've just glued him to a big steel washer, done some zenithal shading/highlights with the airbrush, and slapped on a rough brown wash to show me where the detail is. I haven't decided yet what sort of colour scheme to use; I was originally considering crocodilian colours, but that might be a bit drab. I shall ponder some more before I get started properly.

I've started with some ink glazes and a bit of basic dry-brushing, and it seems to be coming together quite nicely.

Now it's just a question of getting stuck into the detail, especially about the face.

I've started giving him a bit of character, painting in the facial details. That's a mighty big tongue he's got there.

There only thing I'm not too fond of with these plastic Bones miniatures is the mould lines. They're a lot harder and more troublesome to get rid of than they are on metal figures. Still, in my view the benefits of the material far outweigh its disadvantages.

And we're done.

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