Albatros WIP

Next up on the list of Tiny Aeroplanes I Am Compelled To Make is an Albatros D-II. This is a pretty straightforward build, because the fuselage of all the Albatros fighter variants stayed pretty much the same. That means that I could scavenge a Heroics & Ros Albatros D-Va, flatten off the fuselage sides a bit and reshape the fin, and add a couple of new wings.

The engine needs a thing-I-don't-know-the-name-of added to it, and a pair of "ear" radiators on the fuselage sides. Both of those should be trivially easy.

One thing I've discovered through this project: my new laser printer, while capable of printing in glorious technicolor, is entirely unable to print on even light card. That means that I've had to do a spot of lamination to make the wings strong enough. Even so, they're a bit more delicate than my usual gaming models, and I might have to paint them with epoxy or something.

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