Albatros D-II, finished

Yet another tiny aeroplane to add to my ever-increasing fleet. I'm pretty happy with the way this one has turned out, though my painting hands are getting ever more shaky, and my painting eyes ever more blurry — I just can't get by without some sort of magnification these days.

I notice, now that I've taken photos of the thing, that I forgot to paint in the seam of the rudder. Well, it will just have to get along without it now.

Here it is in action, about to make a beam attack on a SPAD 7. They make a pretty good match — the Albatros is more manoeuvrable and has two guns, but the SPAD is faster and can take more punishment (assuming the pilot isn't hit).

The hex-map is A0 in size — that's about a metre by 0.8 metre. I made myself in CorelDraw and had printed at Warehouse Stationery on heavy paper (160gsm) for about $27. Those are 50mm hexes.

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