Teensy-Tiny Brute Squad

Brute Squad
Some considerable time ago I picked up a pack of 10mm Warmaster ogres, because they were going cheap from the bargain-bin, and because I thought I might one day have a use for them. And now that day has come.

These are them, each with a front and back view. Ugly little suckers.

In 10mm scale they're huge and ogreish, naturally. In 28mm scale they're tiny, and would make good little goblins or something. In 15mm scale they're big, hefty dudes, a bit taller than your average 15mm figure, and definitely fatter, and it's in that scale that I intend to use them.

They're going to be my Brute Squad.

As I've mentioned before, I've been toying with using Warlord Games' Hail Caesar rules in a fantasy setting, and that's where I envisage using the Brute Squad. Not that they're all that fantastic; when it comes down to it they're just really big, mean dudes with sharp pointy things and a bad attitude. They're shock troops, so I'd give them a high Clash value, but not much staying-power — difficult to kill individually, but with brittle morale once they start falling.

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