Finished at last...

These little guys are 15mm medieval crossbowmen. When I bought them, some years ago, they were being made by a company called Tabletop Games, long defunct, alas. The moulds now belong to someone else, I don't recall who, and they're still in production.

I'm not completely sure how long it's taken to actually get them painted, but it has to be at least ten years. Nobody can accuse me of leaping in and rushing things, that's for sure.

There are surprisingly few companies making 15mm medievals these days. I guess the period has fallen out of fashion or something.

I've based them for use with the Hail Caesar rules.


  1. Battleline Miniatures are making them in New Zealand and I think someone like Black Hat Miniatures make them in the UK

  2. Thanks for that. I need some more.

  3. Hi,

    Those figures are available from (as I have the same ones) as that UK company has most of the TTG moulds.