So, no mo' mojo no mo'?

Ennui - Walter Sickert - 1914
My GMing enthusiasm and creativity has really dwindled away to next to nothing lately. Not just GMing either; I can't seem to maintain much interest in drawing or modelling or anything much in the creative line. I'm hoping that it will be a temporary state of affairs, but we shall see what we shall see.

The trouble is (and this has pretty much been the case for years) that to play the sort of game I want to play, I pretty much have to GM it. Hey-ho. It's not that I don't enjoy other kinds of games, it's just that I'd really like to play in an old-school D&D-style game instead of having to run one to get my fix.

Anyway, since I have vast echoing caverns of drive space filled up with D&D modules that I've barely grazed the surface of up until now, I think I might start dragging them out and dusting them off, and leech off the creativity of others for a while. If nothing else, that will cut down on the amount of game preparation that I'm not really doing anyway.

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