S&W House-Rules Online; The Multitudes Rejoice

I've gone and put up an HTML-ized version of my Swords & Wizardry house-rules on my website.

There are advantages to using the web for this sort of thing: I can access it from wherever I happen to be, I don't have to carry the book(s) with me, and I can update it easily with whatever terrible new ideas spring into my fevered brain.

I have an idea for improving the navigation of the thing, which I may get around to implementing sometime soon (hopefully).


  1. Nice! The one thing that I looked for, but couldn't find, was a brief summary of the "points of departure" from vanilla/Finchian S&W. Is there a quick elevator-pitch response to the question of "How is this different and/or better?" :-)

  2. I hadn't thought of it really, since it's there mainly for my own convenience (and the perusal of the curious). I'll see about working up a summary to go on the front page, for those who might be interested.

  3. Excellent! I really like the Fighter-Mage class, and the 5e design team could take notes on how elegantly you handle sub-classes. I also like the 'XP penalty' system, and will probably write about it soon. Thanks!